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Crescendo World Market Leaders

This five-year capital protected investment provides investors with a managed exposure to the performance of the world’s top twenty-five companies.

World Market Leaders provides you with two distinct and flexible investment options:

Crescendo World Market Leaders
 MUR 55MUR 130
Participation to performance55%130%
Annual Investment Return1.8% p.a.n/a
Minimum Investment AmountMUR 200,000MUR 200,000

Why invest in World Market Leaders?

Companies commanding a high market share are generally more sustainable and derive better profitability on account of at least three major factors:

  • Economies of scale: due to their dominance, large-share businesses are able to dictate and take advantage of more favourable pricing and other terms and conditions than smaller firms in different cost components of the business such as procurement, manufacturing and marketing. Large-share companies are usually vertically-integrated (i.e. they own or control the major stakeholders in the value chain), leading to improved efficiency, reduction in costs and lower turnaround time which in turn usually results in higher profitability.

  • Market power: large-scale businesses also earn higher profits as a result of their greater market power which allows them to bargain more effectively and command higher quality and prices on their products and services, through unique competitive strategies, than their smaller competitors.

  • Strong management: companies achieving high market shares are usually driven by high-calibre executives who are skilful in growing revenues and profitability, controlling costs, optimizing productivity, resulting in strong performance of the company and good returns to shareholders.

  • Benefit from positive performance only: No participation in negative returns

  • Affordable investment: minimum MUR 200,000

  • Investment available as collateral for loans

  • Quarterly liquidity as from January 2019

Subscription closed in October 2018